Prudhoe Bay

At Prudhoe Bay on Alaska’s inhospitable North Slope, NMS provides a full range of camp support services to BP for nine permanent camps.

NMS Camp Services employs over 400 people to support the residents of these camps. Through innovation, transparency and a commitment to safety, NMS Camp Services has successfully delivered the integrated support services necessary for remote site operations and living at Prudhoe Bay for more than 30 years.

NMS Camp Services employees at this location have been instrumental in fostering and leading a safety conscious culture, serving on safety committees for the camps. At one of these facilities, an NMS employee conceived, developed and implemented a water treatment program called BOUT (Buy Once, Use Twice) which has saved the client a significant amount of money every year. BOUT enables water that is processed through the treatment plant to be “polished” so that it approximates drinking quality water. This water is added to the potable water used for reducing the emissions from the turbines.  The inventor of BOUT was recognized with a Helios Award. 

Services provided at this location include

  • Camp management
  • Food service
  • Housekeeping
  • Janitorial
  • Camp maintenance
  • Water/wastewater operations
  • Billeting
  • Flight planning
  • Commissary 

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